SoCal Landscape Supply

17520 Bridge Street San Jacinto, CA 92555 Phone: (951) 538-3338

A division of Whittier Fertilizer Company.

Southern California Landscape Supply Center


Marathon Sod 1, Marathon Sod 2, Marathon Sod 3, Pureblue, Ryeblue

WINTER DORMANT SOD VARIETIES: Dichondra Sod, St Augustine Sod, Tifgreen Sod, Eltoro Zoysia Sod, Zoysia Tenuifolia Sod.

Decorative Bark

Mini Nuggets, Small Decorative Bark, Medium Decorative Bark

Shredded / Walk on Bark, Red Dyed Bark, Gorilla Hair Bark.


Our fertilizer contains naturally occurring minerals and nutrients from

various sources such as manure...

Did You Know?

The best time of the year to plant in Southern California is in March/April